Church Council

The Church Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall Conference Room.

The Church Council is a group of dedicated EULC members who have been elected to be the chief governing body of the congregation. They have responsibility for the financial life of the church and the strategic direction of the congregation.The following are East Union's elected church council members for 2017 and through the annual meeting in January 2018, as well as their committee assignments. Contact any of these people to talk about our community moving forward through grace, with the vision to be "a wellspring of faith, hope and love!"

Email the Executive Council at

Name Phone Email Role Committee
Lisa Breuer
952-361-0024 (home) or 612-998-9448 (cell)
Youth & Education
Larry Cruse
952-361-6995 (home) or 952-913-6658 (cell)
Care for Creation
Sean Haas
Kent Hasse
952-448-7758 (home) or 612-867-3620 (cell)
Nadine Lundquist
952-368-4105 (home) or 612-616-2168 (cell)
Food & Fellowship
Nanette Mellgren
952-873-2851 (home) or 612-245-6923 (cell) Secretary Youth & Education
Breann Rasmussen
952-492-5161 (home) or 612-296-1050 (cell) President Youth & Education
Jamie Scott
952-994-1611 Member Finance
Tom Steers
952-556-1153 (home) or 952-567-3521 (cell) Member Membership & Outreach
Jason Wieland
507-276-3733 (cell)
Mark Winslow
952-368-7173 (home) or 612-963-8699
Youth & Education
Erica Wirtz
952-479-7228 (home) or 612-685-0060 (cell)
Vice President
Youth & Education and Finance & Worship