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Welcome from Pastor Dave

"This is Christ's church and there is a place for you here."

Welcome to East Union Lutheran Church.

We are a deep, deep well. Our congregation was founded in 1858, years before the Civil War. Here generation after generation have heard the Gospel, come to the baptismal font, and been fed and nourished at The Lord's Table.

East Union is a deep well yet the water is always fresh. History and tradition do not mean stagnant or "old." In Christ we are always being made new. We are people with a living faith that drinks deep from the living water that only Jesus can offer, water that flows straight from the heart of God, filled with unconditional grace, mercy and love.

Welcome to our wellspring of faith, hope and love. We invite you to stay and drink deep.

"This is Christ's church and there is a place for you here."

We mean that. Seriously.

Come. Taste and drink. Come. Eat and be fed.

At East Union, no one goes thirsty or hungry.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dave Grant