Parish Administrator

Parish Administrator

East Union Lutheran Church (15180 County Road 40 in Carver, Minnesota) is seeking a Parish Administrator.

Position summary: The Parish Administrator will provide secretarial support for the Pastor, Treasurer, Youth and Education Director and Church Council as well as act as receptionist being a central source of knowledge and communications – interacting courteously and professionally with all individuals. The ideal candidate should have excellent writing, editing, interpersonal, computer, and administrative skills. Candidates need to be detail-oriented, flexible, have a collaborative and friendly style, and a capacity to build trusted relationships.

Job type: Part time, approximately 16 hours/week, variable. $15 an hour, based on education and experience. No benefits.

Reports to: Church Council.

Relates to: Pastor, Youth and Education Program Director, Treasurer and members.

Desired qualifications and skills:

  • Minimum 2 year administrative education or equivalent secretarial and administrative experience, bachelor's degree preferred.
  • Accurate typist with knowledge of modern office procedures and ability to operate standard office equipment including a computer with proficiency in major office software processing, spreadsheets and database management.
  • Social media and website experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills.
  • Displays initiative and is energetic and self-motivated. Desire to recruit and train volunteers. Practice discipleship.
  • Effective and compassionate interpersonal skills.
  • Strong listening skills and capacity to receive feedback.
  • Creates efficient workflows, prioritizes, and meets goals
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to changes. Able to respond to changing needs in schedule.
  • Ability to take initiative and make decisions under the constant pressure deadlines.
  • Ability to work with parishioners with diverse personalities and differing opinions.
  • Be able to interact successfully with people of all ages. Be a guide and promote cross-generational connections.
  • Ability to handle sensitive/confidential matters in a professional, tactful and confidential manner.
  • Ability to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries.
  • Available to work assigned hours.

Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • General office duties - serve as a welcoming and helpful presence for all who contact the church, whether by phone, email, or in person during office hours.
    • Maintain regular office hours as dictated by the council serving as the main point of contact for the church.
    • Triage social needs and provide resources for members and visitors.
    • Respond to phone and email inquiries as required, directing questions as appropriate.
    • Open, organize and distribute mail appropriately.
    • Communicate with Properties personnel about repairs and maintenance needs.
    • Maintain contracts, maintain office equipment, manages IT related matters, maintain master list of all access codes for church property.
  • Administrative - work with Pastor, Church Council, paid staff and volunteer leaders to provide office and administrative support as needed and in a timely manner.
    • Bulletins, announcements and certificates
      • Create, design and print weekly worship bulletins and announcements.
      • Maintain Prayer Chain requests.
      • Prepare funeral bulletins.
      • Prepare baptism and sponsor certificates.
      • Update and design bulletin boards and parish calendar in Fellowship Hall.
    • Communications - keep congregation informed on all church-related events and items.
      • Create, design, print and distribute monthly newsletters.
      • Manager church social media and oversee church website.
        • Including promoting events, photos, calendar of events, etc.
      • Actively participate in the gathering of new and fresh information to be included in communications.
    • Membership records – maintain database of membership information.
      • Ensure accuracy and review quarterly.
      • Order and distribute giving envelopes annually.
    • Parish calendar and facility functions
      • Maintain the parish calendar to schedule events, meetings, and services throughout the year.
      • Provide administrative support for church events and fundraisers. This includes creating flyers, mailings, coordinating sign-up sheets, advertisements, bulletins, website, social media, etc.
      • Provide office support for all weddings, funerals and baptisms.
      • Support rites of passage and celebration of life events
      • Coordinates building use, policy, and fees (when appropriate) with both parish groups and outside groups.
    • Reports and Filing
      • Prepare the Parish Administrator's Report and present to Church Council on a monthly basis while attending Church Council meetings.
      • Help prepare, organize and print the Annual Report.
      • Maintain historical documents such as council reports, etc.
      • Organize and maintain important documents for the church in the current filing system.
    • Volunteers – recruit and manage volunteers for support.
      • Create and maintain the Lector and Acolyte schedules, distributing information at least annually and sending reminders weekly prior to Sunday services.
      • Organize Worship Leader schedule and send reminders weekly prior to Sunday services.
      • Create, print, collect and communicate clipboard information.
      • Coordinate volunteers to assist in putting together bulletins, newsletters, annual reports and giving envelopes (folding, stapling, printing, labeling…).
    • Human Resource documentation
      • Organize and submit time sheets to Executive Council
      • Manage on-boarding and exiting of staff, develop and maintain healthy workplace culture, maintain personnel files, organize and submit time sheets to Executive Council and Treasurer.
    • Supplies
      • Order and maintain office, Sunday school, custodial, and kitchen supplies and equipment in a neat and orderly fashion.
      • Manage office budget as set annually.


Please provide a resume by June 15, 2017 to East Union Lutheran Church Council.

East Union Lutheran Church Council