Call Committee

Call Committee Members

  • Larry Cruse - Call Committee Chair
  • Ann Decker
  • Kent Hasse
  • Carol Kolodejchuk
  • Paul Lundquist
  • Tom Steers
  • Margie Theis
  • Erica Wirtz

Call Process Timline

  • Congregation provides ministry site profile and job description
  • Congregation receives names of candidates
  • Candidate interviews and visits site
  • Candidate undergoes background check and congregation votes
  • Candate discerns
  • Candidate accepts and moves
  • Congregation celebrates and welcomes new Pastor.

Call Committee Update as of July 25, 2017: 

Bishop Ann Svennungsen is coming to EULC!

Bishop Svennungsen, of the Minneapolis Area Synod, will be coming to East Union Lutheran on Sunday August 6. The Bishop will lead a conversation about our current Pastoral Call process at EULC during Fellowship time in the
Parish Center following worship.

The focus of the conversation with our congregation will be the Ministry Site Profile developed by the EULC Call Committee. The Profile will serve as a "job posting" to attract interested candidates for the Senior Pastor position at

The visit follows a recent meeting with Synod Call Coordinator Pastor Craig Pederson, who encouraged the Call Committee members to use the "5 Cs" of the call process:

  • The Call process is spirit guided, not just a hiring process.
  • Communication between call committee members and the congregation is vital to a successful outcome. 
  • Confidentiality is critical. Information about potential candidates must remain confidential until a selection is proposed to the congregation. 
  • Consensus is the best decision making practice for the Call Committee process. 
  • Community. The Call Committee should be equally focused on the present and future needs of the community

PURPOSE, GIFTEDNESS AND MISSION – How does this congregation or organization understand its reason for being in light of God's call to mission and service? Who are you? Why are you here?

We understand that we are called to be disciples of Christ, to grow and support each other in our faith, to be charitable with our assets, and to pass on our Christian faith to future generations. We desire to be connected to our past but also able to change and move forward to meet our future as a wellspring of Christian faith, hope and love. The congregation has adopted the following statements:

OUR VISION: We will be a wellspring of faith, hope and love.

OUR MISSION: We are a congregation inspired by Jesus Christ to bring God's message faith, hope and love into the world by: 

  • Creating a community, open to all yearning for a relationship with God and neighbor, offering what the world does not offer.
  • Embracing the gifts and needs of our members as we grow in our community in Christ.
  • Honoring our past, facing our future with courage and moving forward through grace.